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sam 04/09/1993 - 12:44
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Hello my dear Adam!

I am glad that I have the opportunity to read your letter and write to you again. I am glad that with each letter we can learn more about each other. It is very important for me, because in this way I understand more and more what kind of person you are, what your character and your interests are.

Yes, it takes me a long time every day to write a letter to you, yesterday I spent more than an hour on it, but it's so interesting that I don't want to stop, I start to think about you more and more.

My darling, what does it give you to communicate with me? What plans do you have for the future? Have you thought about it yet?

In all this time, I have developed only good impressions of you. I'm even a little surprised, because nowadays there are very few people in the world for whom spiritual values are important.

I see in you exactly the qualities that I want to see in my partner in this life, and I have noticed that we look at the world with the same eyes.

You know, my dear, I think that in a relationship it is important to be able to listen and complement each other, to bring something new or on the contrary to slow down and then you get a strong love.

I think a family accepts people who love each other. Their love for each other is the most important thing.

If partners can laugh, want to kiss every day and look at their partner with proud and hungry eyes and support each other, that's life.

Yes, sometimes there are difficult moments, misunderstandings and arguments, but it is important to be able to listen to your partner, to be able to give in and find common ground.

Every quarrel has its beginning and its end, and if you love and respect your partner, you should just try to settle every conflict. 

My dear, I have wanted a real relationship and love for a long time, I want to feel needed and important for my partner.

I feel that I am not so young anymore, the years go by, but I am still alone. Yes, I have a job, I have family, friends, a career, but that's not what's important to me right now.

Every year, I realize more and more to myself that we only live this life once, and if you don't decide for yourself what you want, then maybe your whole life will fly by and you'll regret it when you're already retired.

I want to try to make the most of every day now, learn something new, feel only the good, and stay away from all the bad.

I'm thankful that you came into my life, I started to feel needed by someone and I have so much joy in my chest from your letters.

Maybe already this year we can be together, and I really wonder how it will be with us in reality, how much joy, fun and feelings we will experience if we spend time together.

I think it would be romantic to go on a little trip when you have a chance, just go to nature, watch sunsets, go to a cafe, drink tea and look into each other's eyes.

Or maybe if we have a couple of days off, we just get in the car or the train and go any direction, north or south, whatever.

Just imagine, you and I, we go to the mountains or to a waterfall. We could sleep in a tent, look at the stars, and even get eaten by mosquitoes!

As my father says, that with a good person you will be comfortable in any place and in any weather, and the most important thing is that there are emotions and you share it together.

I learned for myself a long time ago that the most important thing in life is to be needed by someone and feel it! And when you feel true love, nothing else matters! Not wealth, things or career.

It's my grandmother's birthday today, she's turning 75. I'm going to leave work early and go visit her. I want to give my grandmother a nice surprise and make her happy. Also, my brother is supposed to come over today.

I shall look forward with great anticipation to this pleasant and unforgettable moment when I can read your letter.

I send you my kiss :*

Your Aleksandra!

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